Valo Re operates in the field of renewable energies; and in particular, promotes photovoltaic plants normally kept as company's managed assets. The company is headquartered in Rome, Via di Priscilla 101.

The company locates opportunities in the photovoltaic sector through screening activities of land and roofs. Upon locating promising sites, the company then verifies the administrative permissions for the construction of the plants in case they have already been obtained by the proponent; otherwise, the company applies for all the mandatory paperwork through all the appropriate local authorities.

The next step is to refine the operational business plan with the technical and economic feasibility of investments and, if required, draw up projects and tender documents. Although Italy has become the second country in the world for installed solar systems power, the incentive scheme for renewable energy offered by the Italian Government is drawing to a close. Valo Re has thus been preparing for investments abroad in stable and democratic countries where satisfactory percentages of renewable energies do not yet exist and are therefore willing to encourage their implementation.